For The Person Who’s Failed…

  • For the person who’s failed so many times you’ve lost count.
  • For the person who’s had so many days asking yourself “Is this worth it?”
  • For the person who’s had bouts of depression and funks, trying to figure out if you’re where you’re supposed to be and if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.
  • For the person who’s second-guessed themselves, worried what others thought of you, and walked on egg-shells making your dream suffer because you fear the rolling eyes and opinions of on-lookers.



Here’s the thing:


One thing I’ve learned over the past several years, is that persistence and dedication to your dream and life mission can pay off.


It’s not about impressing everyone and getting all the votes.


Its about putting yourself on the path to reach those just like you – Who also believes that there’s a better way…who wants MORE than the “status-quo”.

Do you have a stirring deep down of  a purpose yet to be discovered?


I discovered it not by starting it, but by doing it and being transformed by the process.

STOP WAITING for your purpose or passion to fall into your lap.  Get OUT from under the covers and start something BIG.

If you’re getting rolled eyes and negative opinions of others, then you’re probably giving  them an uncomfortable reminder they’re stuck.  But in the same light you can be getting high-fives and helping someone else have the courage to step out and do the same as you.

#StepIntoYourPurpose and GO.


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