Treadmill Tribulations – It’s about way more than weight loss

I may catch some slack from you on this one.

-maybe because it’s your trusty fall-back.  I don’t know…but I do know it was mine too.  That treadmill, I’ll even throw in the elliptical for good measure. 

Now don’t take me wrong, treadmills and ellipticals have their place and I’ve been one to jumpstart my exercise with them.  I’ve hopped on for a good 30-60 minutes and watched that Fitbit soar through the roof, walking away sweaty and hopped-up on my job well done.  But, I learned the downside for me:

After awhile it lost it’s glory, I may have been some lighter on the scale and my clothes feeling better – but the baby pooch isn’t going anywhere, and I’m just not getting the “body” I was hoping for…

WHY aren’t you seeing results anymore? BECAUSE your body out-smarted you.

barbie-5-768x1024So many spend months, even years doing the treadmill or elliptical grind…I don’t know, maybe you’re even lifting some weights around here and there, but not seeing that “burn” on your trusty device you shy away from true commitment from it yet still wind up at the same conclusion –  FRUSTRATED.
“BUT I’M MOVING and my Fitbit shows all these calories burned when I do cardio!”
  1. It takes MORE than cardio to get the results you want.  Muscle is better than the perceived “burn”
  2. Weights are a girl’s best friend, but are you maximizing HOW you’re lifting?  The body is smart and amazing, it adapts to us doing the same things which is great…that’s it’s job.  But it’s also what causes plateau’s in our training.  Switch it up, keep it guessing, and combine movement that challenges both the body and mind.
  3. Weight lifting doesn’t show up on your Fitbit (I wish it did). It doesn’t measure the METABOLIC BURN in the 24-48 hours AFTER your workout when your muscles are rebuilding.
  4. Are you leaving it on the floor? Are you justifying things by saying, “I’m moving” but only giving it partial effort? If you haven’t exercised in forever, then yes…any kind of movement to start is GREAT! — BUT don’t get stuck in that mindset unless the Dr is telling you to.  Change happens when our body has to work to catch up, feel behind, not good enough.  From this “lack” it scurries to rebuild and match what we’re throwing at it.

I know it can be confusing and overwhelming, but I’m so thankful that it doesn’t have to be.  I just follow a plan and a program.

I don’t think, I just do.  I don’t stress, I just show up.

Life can be confusing, expensive, and time-consuming, but thankfully working out and eating right doesn’t have to be. 

I get it, and why I now host my own groups to help others too. 

Need help? 


Eliminate the confusion and get the results.  Know how to maximize your efforts and see what you’ve been missing.  Sure, I could’ve researched longer, and fumbled around trying this and that…but I knew deep down I had to stop going in circles, because what I had been doing wasn’t working.

Get started now by choosing your program, or fill out the form below to contact me and I can help you figure out which program is best for you.



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