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True life changing results and new outlook on life are right at the top of the list.

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About Me

We don't have to be defined by our past. Our struggle is not the end-all. You have permission to SHINE.

It crept up on know, that moment when you feel so deflated you want to cry. You feel terrible, you can't stand looking in the mirror and your health is falling apart.
Worried that you're not giving "enough" to your family. Debt piling high and bills that are more than your paycheck. This was my story. My struggle was TOO real and I was beat up and trapped under it's heavy foot for years.
But one day it changed. I took a step that unbeknownst to me then, would be PIVOTAL in forever changing my life. I became my own "Glamprenuer" and became a Team Beachbody Coach.
I found HOPE...and liberated me. I discovered self love, self confidence, energy and abundance to bring to my family, and financial help to free us. A felt life breathe into me again. I was given permission to step into who I was without apology. **I stepped into my sparkle.**
If this sounds like you and you're ready to change and turn life around...maybe becoming a "Glamprenuer" like I did is your next step, like It was mine. Or maybe you just need to get started by changing your health first.
I'm proof it's possible. Now I'm here to help you.
Today, is YOUR day.
Contact me and tell me how you're ready to get started today.

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